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Meet the elegant Shine Waterfall

October 11, 2019

Meet the elegant Shine Waterfall

Meet the elegant Shine Waterfall

Stainless Steel Crispy Shine Waterfall

The raw design in organic cold stainless steel gives a beautiful contrast to our Crispy glass.
Add this stunning and practical item to your table setting.
The Crispy Shine Waterfall is made of stainless steel and because of this it is ideal for keeping your beverages cold!

A great tip is to put the Crispy Shine Waterfall in the freezer before use. Then the stainless steel will function as an ice cooler. And if you spray it with water before putting it in the freezer, it will give a nice raw look.


How can you use the Crispy Shine Waterfall?
Shine Waterfall is ideal for serving cold wine, mixers for your cocktails, on the morning table with freshly squeezed juice or as a statement item to serve ice cold water in.

If you like the raw industrial look this item will also be great as a vase to flowers. A recommendation to you is to use dried flowers. It looks great with the raw material while it is sustainable compared to fresh flowers.

Else we would like to see a lot of creativity of the usage of the Crispy Shine Waterfall. And if you want to share it with us on Instagram, use the hashtag #frederikbagger. I will love to see a lot of creativity from you!

Combine the new Shine Waterfall with the rest of our Shine collection and Crispy Glasses


 Shine Waterfall offers:

Dishwasher safe
Stainless steel
FDA approved
Functional and elegant form
Diameter: 8,8 cm / Height: 27,5 cm (100 cl)


Frederik Bagger, Founder.

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