Frederik Bagger Crystal Beer Glasses

Serve a delicious beer to your guests in one of our beautiful crystal beer glasses. Frederik Bagger has a wide range of different types of beer glasses - both stemmed and footed – so no matter what type you are, you will find the perfect glass for your favorite lager, stout, IPA or another special beer.



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Crispy Mate - Set of 2
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Crispy Mate Citrine // Amber - Set of 2
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Crispy Mate Emerald // Green - Set of 2
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Crispy Mate Sapphire // Blue - Set of 2
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How to serve beer elegantly

Whether you are looking to enjoy a cold beer by yourself on a Friday night or together with some friends at a football game or another event – some modern beer glasses will add extra style to your favorite drink. At Frederik Bagger, we have just the right beer glass for the event you wish to celebrate or enjoy.

IPA, Ale, and wheat beer. A beloved child has many names – this also applies to different types of beer. There are many types of beer including light, dark, fresh, and strong. The most popular beers are the following:

  • Ale
  • IPA
  • Bock
  • Hops
  • Wheat beer
  • Lager
  • Pilsner
  • Stout
  • Porter
  • Non-alcoholic beer

The selection of beers is large. The same is true for our range of beer glasses. You can find elegant beer glasses for all types of beer on this page. Invite friends over for a cold beer served in a crystal glass. You can buy beer glasses in packs of 2, 4, or 6. We also offer bundles with different types of glass.

Which Beer Glasses does Frederik Bagger have?

There are many considerations to make when it comes to the actual beer tasting and the type of beer glass. You can get a tall beer glass on a stem or a lower beer glass on a foot. You can choose among the following from Frederik Bagger beer glasses:

  • Crispy Mate Beer Glass
  • Crispy Eightball Beer Glass
  • Adda Beer Glass

The Crispy Mate Beer Glass is the beer glass on a stem. This means that the glass is slightly taller than other beer glasses, slightly resembling a wine glass. This beer glass works well for many types of beer. The glass is particularly suitable for light beers such as lagers, IPAs, and pale ales. Crispy Mate's tulip shape ensures that the aromas from the beer are easily carried up to your nostrils, and at the same time, the shape ensures the right temperature and the foam on top can unfold properly. In other words, you can enjoy the aroma and taste to the fullest.

Crispy Mate ølglas

The Crispy Eightball Beer Glass is upright, lower, and wider compared to the Crispy Mate. However, the Crispy Eightball still has a dome shape similar to the Crispy Mate, but the Crispy Eightball is wider in the middle of the glass. This beer glass is suitable for heavier and darker beers such as a bock, porter, and stout. The wide opening in the glass means that the foam and the many intense aromas are captured in the glass, so you can smell all the good impressions.

The glass is also good for special beers with special aromas, where you want all impressions and nuances to be included in the tasting experience. It is recommended to leave some room for the beer to circulate in the glass so that the aromas are released and you indulge your taste buds.

Crispy Eightball ølglas

The Adda Beer Glass is also a standing beer glass. The primary difference between Adda Beer and Crispy Eightball is that Adda is a mouth-blown glass from our Adda series. These glasses are thinner and lighter than the Crispy range. However, Adda is still a robust glass and you don’t have to be careful when using it. The Adda glass has many of the same advantages as the Crispy Eightball beer glass. Among other things, it is ideal for enhancing the aromas of the beer.

Find the right type of beer glass you want to treat yourself with. If you enjoy several types of beer, you can advantageously choose several types of beer glasses from Frederik Bagger.

Adda Beer ølglas

How to pair beer with food

Beer can be served with lunch, dinner, and even dessert. But which beer pairs best with different meals? Learn more about that in this guide.

The beer you choose for a meal has a great impact on the overall tasting experience. Some types of beer are too dominating, affecting the flavors of the meal. This is a problem. There should be a fine balance between the two so that we get the most out of the taste from both the beer and the meal. Therefore, you can try to experiment with different types of beer with your food.

For fish dishes and lunch, a regular pilsner and a lager are ideal choices. Enjoy these beers with Danish classics such as smørrebrød, meatballs or fish dishes. If you like fish and seafood, wheat beer is a great choice.. If you want to explore other dishes such as pizza and vegetarian dishes, a wheat beer will also pair well with these meals.

If you want a good piece of meat, it is recommended that you choose a stronger beer. Many beer enthusiasts believe that the darker the dishes, the darker the beer you should choose. So for a good stew with meat in it, dark beer will fit perfectly. For the Christmas meal, you can choose a full-bodied dark ale.

IPA is a fruitier beer that goes well with fast food dishes such as burgers, tacos, and food that is generally fatty in taste.

There are also many beers that go well with cheese. Dark beers are suitable for heavier cheeses such as blue cheese and gorgonzola. IPA is good with firm cheeses like cheddar, whole wheat beers and stronger lagers are ideal for creamier cheeses like brie.

For dessert containing chocolate and coffee, a dark beer such as porter is a suitable choice. If you are serving a fruit dessert, a wheat beer or an IPA is a better choice.

In other words, you can pair beer with all kinds of food – as long as you choose the right beer for the individual dishes to ensure the optimal taste.

Practical and aesthetic Crystal Beer Glasses

You find our beautiful crystal beer glasses in different shapes, colors, and forms so you have a glass for every occasion. Try our beer glass on a foot or stem in either crystal clear glass or in the colors:

  • Sapphire/Blue
  • Emerald/Green
  • Copal/Brown
  • Dark/Smoked
  • Topaz/Pink
  • Citrine/Yellow

All beer glasses on this page are lead-free and withstand temperatures between -25°C to +180°C. This means that they can take a trip in the dishwasher after use.

Are you still a little worried about the glass plague as a result of the dishwasher? We offer a 10-year guarantee against glass plague, free of charge.

Therefore, you do not have to be cautious when using products from Frederik Bagger. Despite their fine and elegant appearance, they are made to be used. Our vision is to supply everyday luxury – so that we can all have a sip of the sweet life — every single day

More Crystal Glass in Frederik Bagger style

Are you thirsty for more? You can get more than beer glasses from us. We offer a wide range of glasses in both crystal and hand-blown glass. Discover our:

At Frederik Bagger, you can get an entire package of different glasses for various meals and events. Whether it's wine glasses, shot glasses, or something completely different, we have the glasses you need.