Increase your health with water

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Increase your health with water

You've probably heard it before... Water is healthy! And vital for the human body to function. It's actually surprising how much fluid matters to your health. A proper fluid balance is important in relation to pain, viruses, training, weight, appearance, constipation, the brain etc.

Fortunately, drinking water doesn't have to be a boring task. With the right equipment and exciting flavors, drinking a cold glass of water suddenly becomes a joy. Keep reading and get inspiration for a healthier everyday life with fun ways to increase your liquid intake!

How much water should you drink?

You have to drink water every day, but the question is, are you drinking enough water? Let’s start with having a look at some interesting facts about water and the human body.

Our bodies consist of approx. 60 percent water, and this varies slightly depending on age and gender. Over the course of a day, the body loses water and we become dehydrated. That’s why it’s important to drink water so we can maintain the fluid balance in our body.

It is individual how much water our bodies need. A lot of it depends on size, age, gender, including how much we move, sweat, exercise, visit the bathroom, the air temperature etc.

A good rule of thumb, however, is that you should drink between 1.5-2 liters of liquid per day.

A good and simple piece of advice from us is: always have a water bottle with you on the go. Both at work, at school, on holiday or staycation. This way, you get used to drinking enough  liquid and you don't risk becoming dehydrated or thirsty out of the blue.

Flavored water

Water doesn't have to be boring to drink. Luckily, water is cheap for us so by adding a small touch of flavor or bubbles we can make a big difference to the taste.

Below you will find three simple suggestions for how to add flavour: 

  • Lemon water → cut a few lemon slices and place them in the water – the fresh liquid takes on a completely different character and freshness.
  • Strawberry water → strawberries give the water a sweet and fresh taste, and if you add bubbles to the water you have the perfect summer drink. 
  • Cucumber water → cucumber gives the water a rounder taste, and on top of that adds vitamins to the delicious drink.

These three flavors are just a few examples. You can add almost anything your heart desires! Fruit and vegetables consisting of a lot of liquid add wonderful flavors to water.

Serve your water in beautiful water glasses

At Frederik Bagger, we believe drinking water and being healthy should be fun and easy. That is why we have designed crystal water glasses in many different colors. Discover these beautiful amber-coloured water glasses fit for any occasion. 

Elegant water carafes

In addition to colorful water glasses, we also offer different types of carafes for serving the water. In our range, we have both carafes with and without lids.

Discover our beautiful water carafes with lids in three different colors, all made of crystal and in stylish design:

Crispy bottles Green

Crispy bottles Retro

Crispy bottles Dark

Do you have a bigger thurst for water now? So hurry up and order a beautiful crystal water decanter with matching glasses.

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By Frederik Bagger, 07. Mar 2023

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