Coffee served aesthetically and with love

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Coffee served aesthetically and with love

Coffee seems to be something most people have an opinion about. Some can't stand it, while most of us - dare we say - love coffee. From our part of the world (Denmark), coffee is primarily associated with coziness, habits, and needs. A good cup of coffee can help you through a bad day, and coffee has a nice invigorating effect on us when our energy is low.

The coffee must taste good, but why not also treat the eye and serve the popular drink in some beautiful glasses? All our glasses at Frederik Bagger can withstand hot drinks and freezing temperatures. Check out our range of lowball glasses further down the page and serve your next cup of coffee in a completely new and elegant way.

What kind of coffee can you get?

You probably know plenty of the different coffee variants. You may also have a clear preference for which coffee you enjoy the most.

Below is a list of some of the classic coffee variants you can often choose from:

  • Cortado → espresso shot with steamed milk
  • Iced coffee → Coffee with ice cubes
  • Cafe latté → Classic and mild coffee, where ⅔ consists of milk and ⅓ consists of coffee
  • Americano → Concentrated espresso shot consisting of ⅓ and ⅔ of boiled water.
  • Cappuccino → Also a classic, which consists of equal amounts of milk, milk foam, and espresso.

The perfect coffee glasses from Frederik Bagger 

If you're looking for some unique and beautiful glasses to serve your coffee in, that are also a little different from your thermos cups at home, you've come to the right place!

Our glasses can withstand up to 180°C hot water, so you can serve any cup of coffee in them without worry.

Furthermore, our glasses are suitable for dishwashers and have a 10-year glass plague guarantee, so you can use them extensively, as you often do with coffee cups.

See, for example, these beautiful brown lowball glasses, which are perfect for a cup of coffee.

Iced coffe recipe

When summer is upon us, a delicious iced coffee is truly one of the most refreshing things. It's cold and it's uplifting. Everything you need in the summer heat.

The iced coffee comes in many different forms. There are iced coffees that are served black, iced coffees with milk and syrup, and iced coffees that can almost be described as a dessert with a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream.

Below you find a recipe for how to make a delicious iced coffee:

Recipe for iced coffee:

You need:

  • Ice cubes 
  • A glass designed to withstand 100°C


  • Coffee (e.g. espresso shot)
  • (Milk)
  • (Syrup)
  • (Vanilla ice cream)


  • Start with making the coffee and letting it cool 
  • Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the cold (or skimmed) milk in
  • Lastly, pour the coffee in
  • Enjoy!

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Are you already looking forward to serving a good cup of coffee to your friend in one of your new beautiful coffee glasses?

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