How do you drink your whiskey? On the rocks or neat? Regardless of how you like your whiskey served, you deserve a whiskey glass that enhances the taste and fits comfortably in your hand. You get both things with Frederik Bagger’s whiskey glasses. Pour the precious drops of whiskey into our crystal glass and get a complete taste experience. Explore our selection on this page. 



Set of 2
Crispy Lowball - Set of 2 Crispy Lowball - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Lowball Dark // Smoked - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Lowball Sapphire // Blue - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Lowball Emerald // Green - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Lowball Citrine // Amber - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Lowball Topaz // Pink - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Lowball Copal // Brown - Set of 2

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Enjoy drinking whiskey from a whiskey glass from Frederik Bagger

If you are looking for a genuine quality drink, whiskey is the way to go. In fact, the word “whiskey” means “water of life”. Many factors are at play when you want the most out of your whiskey drinks. Fermentation, time, raw produce, and the distillation process have, among other things, a big impact on the taste of the whiskey. However, you should never underestimate what a proper whiskey glass can do to the experience. 

Just like champagne, wine, beer, and cognac glasses are designed to enhance the taste of each drink, whiskey glasses serve the same function. The shape of the glass helps to increase the taste and aroma of the whiskey. In addition, the Frederik Bagger whiskey glasses have an elegant design and are made from crystal. 

You can enjoy your whiskey in many ways. For example:

  • On the rocks – with ice cubes
  • Neat – pure whiskey
  • A cocktail with whiskey, like an Old Fashioned

Regardless of the type of servings you prefer, our Crispy Lowball glass is a proper glass to drink whiskey from. The glass is of high quality with its robust and thick base, while it fits comfortably in the hand. Our whiskey glasses are wide and low – a shape that offers natural movement of the whiskey, which enhances the taste of the contents.

Explore our selection of legendary Lowball glasses

Crispy Lowball is our whiskey glass and part of our popular Crispy series. The series also includes wine, cognac, beer, and even shot glasses. The glasses are available in different stain colors. All our glasses from this series are in crystal glass, indicating they have all been diamond polished. 

The glass is made from Crystalline, a material with a number of great properties. Among other things, the whiskey glasses and other glasses from Frederik Bagger are dishwasher-safe – a significant criteria for many when investing in new glass. Enjoy a glass of whiskey with your guests, place them in the dishwasher, and prepare them for another round of drinks. It can’t get any easier. In addition, you get a 10-year warranty from Frederik Bagger, protecting your glasses against the risk of discoloration or cloudiness, so you can place them in the dishwasher without thinking twice about it.

You can order glasses in sets of 2 or 4 on the site. We also offer packs of 6 in a single color or mix of colors from our assortment of Lowball here.

Mix and match whiskey glasses from Fredrik Bagger

Looking to add some color to the table with some stained glass? Get the stained whiskey glasses from Frederik Bagger and add life to your table. You can choose from several colors of stained glass. Choose to stick with one color that you love, or mix and match the colored glasses for your table. You can choose among the colors:

  • Emerald/Green
  • Copal/Brown
  • Citrine/Amber
  • Dark/Smoked
  • Topaz/Pink
  • Sapphire/Blue

There are plenty of options for you to find the color that fits your taste. For a glass of whiskey, we like to recommend our Copal or Dark stained glasses. Naturally, a clear glass always works too. If you are looking for more color, you can easily choose one of the other colors. If you can’t decide among the many beautiful colors, you can simply mix them. The choice is yours!

Whisky or whiskey?

Perhaps you have noticed the two spellings of whiskey and whiskey and wondered what the difference is. The difference is on purpose. In fact, it was the Irish who added the “e” to the word whisk(e)y. Back in 1870, the quality of Scotch whiskey was poor due to the less extensive distillation process. At the time, Irish whiskey was better and the question arose, how would customers be able to tell the difference when the whiskey was exported to the U.S.? The Irish solution was to add an “e” to the name. Whiskey became a huge success in the U.S. 

It is worth mentioning that the Scots are known for making delicate whiskey today. And the spelling of whiskey is the most widely used in the world. It’s largely the Irish and Americans who prefer whiskey, while the Scots and the majority of the world prefer whiskey. The official spelling is “whisky” but some distilleries use “whiskey” to refer to their Irish roots. Many have begun investing in whiskey as it yields great profit and returns. If not, you can at least enjoy the profit of drinking the whiskey.

Whiskey glasses can be used in many ways

Our whiskey glass is more than a whiskey glass. You can use them for various drinks and purposes. For instance:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Smoothie
  • Drinks
  • Desserts

Start your morning with a cup of coffee in an elegant Frederik Bagger glass. Or blend a smoothie that you can serve and enjoy in the clear glass. You can also prepare desserts such as ice cream or chocolate mousse. Simply place it in the freezer and serve it straight from the glass. When the guests arrive, all you have to do is fetch the desserts and serve them without worrying about nicely plating it.

Think outside the box and use the glass to store pencils and other equipment in the office. Or as a vase for flowers on the table. We also offer other vases from Frederik Bagger that you can find here.

Want the entire collection of Frederik Bagger glasses? Have a look at our champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, and more. We also have a selection of bowls, plates, cups, and other tableware. With a complete set of dinner and glassware, you can properly set the table and give it an elegant look.