Colored water glasses

Do you want to give your guests a warm welcome when they come over for dinner or drinks? Spread great joy with color-stained water glasses from Frederik Bagger. You can also use them in everyday life. Our water glasses are practical as they are dishwasher-safe. Find your new water glasses here.



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Find the color water glass that will spread joy in everyday life

It’s the small things that make a difference in our busy everyday lives. Spread joy with colored water glasses for the dinner table. Colors add a great atmosphere to your everyday life. The color-stained glasses are also perfect for festive occasions or for inviting guests over for drinks or a nice dinner. See our exciting and wide selection of colored drinking glasses on this page. Our colored water glasses are available in the following colors:

  • Emerald/Green
  • Copal/Brown
  • Citrine/Amber
  • Dark/Smoked
  • Topaz/Pink
  • Sapphire/Blue

With our beautiful colored glasses, you can arrange a perfectly set table for you and your guests. The meal will only become more inviting as we "eat and drink" with our eyes. The colorful glasses add a big decorative element to your table setting – and connect to our senses. Choose to mix and match the different glass colors or keep it to one unison color. It's a matter of taste.

Various designs of colored water glasses

We offer several different designs and product series of colored water glasses. Thus, we have a wide selection of colorful water glasses, so you can find just the color of water glasses you like. The three different product series we offer colored water glasses in are:

  • Crispy Lowball
  • Crispy Aqua
  • Crispy Highball

You can get both tall and low drinking glasses in different colors. You can also pick several of the same design and use them for something other than water glasses. For instance, use tall glasses for drinks and low glasses for water. And top it off with beautifully colored wine glasses. Then you create a red thread with the same style of glass but used for different purposes.

Why you should choose colored glass from Frederik Bagger

In addition to beautifully decorating the table and adding color to everyday life, there are other advantages to investing in Frederik Bagger's colored water glasses and glasses in general. Our glass is produced in lead-free glass. This glass mass is called Crystalline.

An advantage of choosing this glass material is that it is dishwasher-safe. So when you use the glasses for a festive event with many guests, you don't have to worry about washing up by hand. Instead, you can look forward to a lovely evening with your guests, where you can spend more time in the living room with them instead of in the kitchen. Crystalline glass mass can withstand temperatures from -25°C to +180°C – so you don’t have to think twice about placing them in the dishwasher.

Another important factor is that in some countries there can be challenges with glass plague due to the amount of lime in the water. Therefore, our material selection is extremely durable. So durable that we offer a 10-year guarantee against glass plague when you buy Frederik Bagger glass. In other words, we have tried to develop the ultimate glass, where both design and function are uncompromised. We call it Functional Luxury, which is the ideal balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Enjoy cold drinks in colored water glasses

Since our glass can withstand both high and low temperatures, you can ensure a good temperature for your drinks for you and your guests. Get ready for a great evening with friends with good drinks. Prepare to serve extra cold drinks that taste even better and place your drinking glasses in the freezer before your guest arrive. It gives the finishing touch to a great evening with drinks. Of course, the water glasses can just as well be used to serve soda or other soft drinks.

If you are serving a 3-course dinner, you can also arrange a dessert in the colored water glasses. For instance, a panna cotta or fromage, which you can make in advance and place directly into the freezer.

If you want to spread some extra joy on a Monday morning, you can serve your hot drink in a water glass. Pick a colorful glass, brew a strong cup of coffee, and serve steaming coffee in one of our glasses. That is creating luxury for your everyday life.

More Frederik Bagger products

At Frederik Bagger, we offer all types of glass. Dive into our selection and find different glasses such as:

  • Cocktail glasses
  • Wine glasses
  • Whisky glasses
  • Champagne glasses

We have both hand-blown glass and crystal glasses. Most of our glass is available in clear glass as well as colored glass. Choose the style you want. We also offer more classic glasses without the crystal look. Explore our mouth-blown white wine glasses here. For wine glasses, we offer white wine glasses, red wine glasses, and dessert wine glasses, so you have something for every meal.

In addition to drinking glasses, you find other glass products. For instance, a selection of glass carafes and bowls. Thus, you can keep everything in Frederik Bagger style - even for storing your snacks and fruit, which can be permanently displayed on the dining table. And once the snacks have been eaten, the bowls can go straight into the dishwasher.