Crystal Carafes

Welcome your guests with a drink, poured from a beautiful crystal carafe in a timeless design. You can store whiskey, cognac, and rum among other things in our stylish carafes. Explore our wide range and find the carafe that suits you and your home.



1 pcs
Crispy Bottle Large - 1 pcs Crispy Bottle Large - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Statement Old Fashioned Copal // Brown - 1 pcs Statement Old Fashioned Copal // Brown - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Crispy Dark Bottle Large - 1 pcs Crispy Dark Bottle Large - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Crispy Old Fashioned Citrine // Amber - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Crispy Old Fashioned Sapphire // Blue - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Crispy Old Fashioned Dark // Smoked - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Crispy Old Fashioned Emerald // Green - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Crispy Old Fashioned Copal // Brown - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Crispy Old Fashioned Topaz // Pink - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Crispy Old Fashioned - 1 pcs
1 pcs
Statement Old Fashioned - 1 pcs Statement Old Fashioned - 1 pcs
Crispy Waterfall Crispy Waterfall

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Serve cocktails, water, whisky and other beverages elegantly

Whether you are looking for a classic crystal carafe for Old Fashioned or an extravagant carafe for water, you find beautiful carafes from Frederik Bagger. Our carafes are made of crystal, which gives the carafe an elegant look. We offer carafes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. We have carafes in different Frederik Bagger series:

  • Crispy Bottle
  • Crispy Waterfall 
  • Old Fashioned Bottle

You find our Crisy Bottle in clear glass, green, blue, and retro colors. The Old Fashioned Bottle is particularly suitable for serving whiskey or wine and has a beautiful and antique appearance. It is also available in several other beautiful colors, including Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, and Dark – the same colors as our crystal glasses. Find the carafe or carafes you love and look forward to your next servings. We have carafes with and without lids, as well as small and large sizes.

A carafe gives a sense of luxury. Therefore, many may be selective when using them and only bring them out for special events.

You don't have to be delicate with crystal carafes from Frederik Bagger. We have created a unique breakage guarantee where you get full security on all your glasses and carafes from Frederik Bagger. This breakage guarantee applies to glass plague for 10 years, completely free of charge. In addition, all our glasses can go in the dishwasher, which is a big advantage. You deserve everyday luxury, which you get the chance to do with Frederik Bagger glasses.

Choose the crystal carafe that will decorate your table

Whether it's a regular weekday or you invite friends over for a festive Friday evening, you can create a stylish table with our crystal carafe and other beautiful glasses. For everyday use, you can set the table with our beautiful water glasses and serve water or juice from our carafe. For parties, you can decorate the table with wine glasses, water glasses, cocktail glasses, and many other glasses from Frederik Bagger.

For a more decorated table,  you can use our glasses for other purposes than just drinking glasses. For example, use our popular Lowball or Highball glass as flower vases, and bring some nature to the table. Or serve a delicious dessert such as panna cotta or Italian ice cream in a Frederik Bagger glass. Our glass can withstand both high and cold temperatures, which is part of Frederik Bagger's vision:

"The idea behind my products has always been that they should be used in everyday life and not just for special and festive occasions, so we have spent countless hours making the products as durable as possible," says founder, Frederik Bagger. 

He continues by adding:

"Our glass can withstand temperatures from -25°C and all the way up to +180°C."

This means that you can place your dessert glass in the freezer and serve it directly to your guests. This way you get more time in the company of your guests when they are visiting. Buy your glasses from Frederik Bagger and enjoy the many advantages of our selection.

Old fashioned topaz karaffel

Combine other Frederik Bagger designs with crystal carafes

To create a common thread for your table setting, you can advantageously add several products from Frederik Bagger to your collection of glasses and dinnerware. Choose among crystal glass and products such as:

We also offer bundles with different combinations of glasses, carafes, and bar sets. Many of our glasses are available in different color stains, so you can also combine different colors or pick a color theme you love. If you prefer a more minimalist style, we have a mouth-blown glass collection consisting of wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses, and more.

Looking for a nice gift? Then a carafe or other glass is the ideal gift. You can also order a gift card so that the recipient can choose which Frederik Bagger design they want to decorate their home. If Christmas is coming up, you can explore our assortment of elegant Christmas tree decorations.

If you have questions, you can contact our customer service, or read among our most frequently asked questions in our FAQ. You find all information about customer service, orders, shipping, returns, and FAQ here.