Porcelain cups

Our white cups from Frederik Bagger introduce a touch of class to your daily caffeine fix. Inspired by the crystal glasses, our white cups have beautiful embossed details that represent the spirit of the 1940s while remaining modern. Perfect for guests who come by for a cup of coffee or tea.

Frederik Bagger's coffee cups are characterized by their simple and elegant details that stay classic year after year.



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Modern porcelain cups for the design attentive consumer

Our cups are produced in white porcelain with an exceptionally durable glaze that protects against scratches and preserves the beautiful shine. The first time porcelain art appeared was in the 7th century in China and later in the 14th century, it became an export product to Europe. Porcelain is a ceramic product that is still used to produce many products due to it being pressure-resistant and highly insulating.

With porcelain cups from Frederik Bagger, you get high-quality cups that are beautiful to look at with their functional and elegant shape.

A beautiful collection for the dinner table

Would you like to combine your porcelain cups with beautiful porcelain bowls and plates?

Our bowls from Frederik Bagger are designed with simple and elegant details in different sizes. The white porcelain bowls are produced in an exceptionally durable glaze that protects against scratches and preserves the beautiful shine. See our Crispy Porcelain Bowl, which can be used for many things, e.g. a salad bowl, for soup, or as a bread basket. If you like crystal bowls over porcelain, we also have a nice selection of crystal bowls.

Complete your range with our beautiful porcelain plates, where you can find lunch plates, side plates, and dinner plates. All the Frederik Bagger plates will beautifully decorate the dining table and can be advantageously combined with our bowls and cups.

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