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Decorate your home with beautiful crystal glass from Frederik Bagger. You will find a well-stocked selection of stylish crystal glasses in our range. Looking for extravagant glasses for a special event? Or on the search for crystal glass for an everyday, stylish lifestyle? Whatever the purpose, we have crystal glass for your needs on this page.



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Crispy Aqua - Set of 2 Crispy Aqua - Set of 2
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Crispy Bowl 1 - 1 pcs.
1 pcs
Crispy Bowl 2 - 1 pcs. Crispy Bowl 2 - 1 pcs.
Set of 2
Crispy Celebration - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Celebration Topaz // Pink - set of 2.
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Citrine // Amber - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Dark // Smoked - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Emerald // Green - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Sapphire // Blue  - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Topaz // Pink - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Eightball - Set of 2

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Give your table something extra with beautiful crystal glass

Would you like to invite some friends over for a nice dinner? Or are you hosting a birthday party and want to impress with a nice table setting? Frederik Bagger crystal glass can be used for any occasion – both for small and large gatherings. If you want to add extra luxury to your everyday life, you can set the table with our glasses. Crystal glass from Frederik Bagger is multifunctional glass with a number of advantages:

  • They are dishwasher-safe
  • They have a unique and elegant design
  • They are robust
  • They can withstand cold and hot temperatures

You can enjoy all the benefits no matter your purpose for investing in crystal glass. If you are hosting a larger party, you don't have to worry or spend time doing dishes – you can wash all the glasses in your dishwasher. This way, you get more time with your guests while ensuring there is a beautifully set table.

Our popular Highball glass or Lowball glass

We offer many different types of crystal glass. In the range, you find our most popular glasses such as Crispy Highball glass and Crispy Lowball glass but we have many crystal glasses to discover: 

  • Crispy Aqua glass
  • Crispy Eightball glass
  • Crispy Gatsby glass
  • Crispy Bottle
  • Crispy Madame
  • And many more crystal glasses

Frederik Bagger glasses such as Crispy Lowball and Crispy Aqua can be used for many different drinks. For instance, juice, lemonade, and other soft drinks. They can also be used as water glasses, cocktail glasses, or whiskey glasses. For example, treat your guests to a single glass of whiskey to wrap up the evening.

Are you crazy about wine? Then we have the perfect crystal wine glasses. We have glasses for the starter, main course, and dessert. Crispy Madame is our white wine glass, in which you can serve an ice-cold glass of white wine alongside the starter. We also have the corresponding red wine glass, Crispy Monsieur, which you can use for serving red wine together with the main course. For dessert, you can pour a glass of port wine into our Crispy Port glass. Serve water for dinner in our Crispy Bottle, which is our beautiful carafe


Real, beautiful crystal glasses with many advantages

All our crystal glasses are lead-free and manufactured in Crystalline glass mass. There are several advantages to this type of glass we use at Frederik Bagger. It is a more sustainable solution, and the glasses are extremely durable. In addition, the glasses can hold drinks ranging in temperatures between -25°C and +180°C. This means that you can easily put the crystal glasses in the dishwasher without worry. Or you can serve hot coffee in the glass.

Are you still a little uneasy about the idea of putting the beautiful crystal glasses in the dishwasher? That it might ruin them? We understand. That's why we give you a 10-year guarantee against glass plague on all our glass products — so you can safely put them in the dishwasher. Read more about our lead-free crystal glass here.

You will find our many crystal glasses in beautiful colors and different shapes. Are you into colors? Explore our colors like blue, pink, green, and many more. You also find our crystal glass in clear glass if you want a more minimalist look. You are guaranteed crystal glass for your exact taste and for every event.

Frederik Bagger glass is so much more than just glass

You can enjoy many drinks from a Frederik Bagger glass. Hot as cold. Enjoy a smoothie on a hot summer day or a cup of hot cocoa on a winter day. Use Frederik Bagger all year round.

In addition to enjoying drinks from our glasses, you can also use our crystal glasses for many other purposes. For instance, for a delicious dessert that you can prepare in advance. Arrange a rich chocolate mousse in a glass with a little cream and berries on top, or serve an ice cream dessert in the glass. Does the dessert require freezing? You can then put the prepared dessert in the freezer until it’s ready to serve. Should the table be decorated a little extra for the guests? Use our crystal glasses as vases for flowers that will add an extra touch to the table setting.

You can also think of the glass as storage. If you need a jar to store your jewelry in, a Frederik Bagger glass can be used for this purpose. Or place your pencils and office supplies in a crystal glass in the office. In other words, you can use your Frederik Bagger glasses for much more than serving various drinks.

Explore more products in Frederik Bagger design

At Frederik Bagger we have a wide selection of glass. You can either buy the same type of glass or a bundle with different types of glass. Buy glass in clear glass or different colors. It is possible to mix the colors, so you get a pop of colors in your home.

In our other series of glasses, you find

If you are celebrating New Year’s, you can end the evening with a toast in a champagne glass. For the rest of the evening, you can supplement with beer and cocktails in our beer glasses and cocktail glasses. Remember to serve some snacks during the party, which you can dish up in elegant bowls. Then it will be a complete party.

You can also find porcelain in the Frederik Bagger style. Here you find cups, plates, deep plates, small plates, and much more. Even Christmas decorations in the classic style of Frederik Bagger. We offer exclusive Christmas decorations in clear glass, porcelain, and colored glass.