Martini Glasses

Whether it's a Dry martini, Vodka Martini, or an Espresso Martini you want to enjoy, you can drink it in style in a Frederik Bagger Martini glass. Get James Bond vibes and make the popular Vesper Martini, James Bond's drink of choice. Serve it in a triangular crystal martini glass from Frederik Bagger. Then the level for the evening is set.



Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Citrine // Amber - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Dark // Smoked - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Emerald // Green - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Sapphire // Blue  - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Cocktail Topaz // Pink - Set of 2

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An elegant Martini requires an elegant Martini Glass

Martini is known to be a drink that is elegant and stylish. "Shaken, not stirred" is James Bond's well-known line in several films, which has contributed to giving the cocktail its distinguished character. For a stylish cocktail, the Frederik Bagger Martini glass is the perfect match. Our Martini glass is produced in diamond-cut crystal with beautiful details that give it a classy look. The martini glass is recognized for its triangular expression.

The acknowledged series of Martini glasses from Frederik Bagger is called Crispy Cocktail and is a Danish design. We offer both our Martini glasses in clear glass and different color stains. Choose among the following colors for your Martini glass:

  • Sapphire/Blue
  • Emerald/Green
  • Copal/Brown
  • Dark/Smoked
  • Topaz/Pink
  • Citrine/Yellow

You decide whether you want to go with one color theme featuring your favorite color, or if you want to mix the colors of the Martini glasses. Our crystal glass has the same expression, so you can maintain a common thread even if you mix the colors.

When you need to prepare a refreshing Martini, you might want to take a look at the bar set in stainless steel from Frederik Bagger. This way, you have everything you need for a tasty Martini and other delicious drinks.

Enjoy an Espresso Martini, Dry Martini, and other cocktails in Frederik Bagger’s Martini glass

There are several different delicious recipes for a Martini drink. When it comes to the various Martini drinks, you can enjoy a classic Martini such as Dry Martini. Here you need gin, vermouth, lemon zest, and lastly an olive on a stick for garnish. It is one of the most iconic Martini drinks believed to date back to 1912. The cocktail was most likely created by the bartender Martini di Arma di Taggia – a bartender in a New York hotel who made it for John D. Rockefeller.

If you choose an Espresso Martini instead, which contains neither vermouth nor gin, you get a sweeter cocktail with a coffee flavor. It typically consists of vodka, coffee liqueur, cold espresso and coffee beans for decoration. This drink is believed to have originated in London in 1983 when a bartender created it when a customer asked for a tonic. This is probably the reason why the cocktail is made with coffee.

Martini glasses for more than just Martini

Our Martini glass falls under the cocktail glass category and can therefore be used for cocktails other than the Martini. For instance, a Cosmopolitan – a well-known cocktail from the TV series Sex And The City, is also served in a triangular glass. Why not invite your girlfriends over for a girls' night with delicious cocktails and snacks while Sex And The City plays in the background?

In addition, you can use the glass to serve a delicious dessert such as ice cream or a chocolate mousse. The best of all is that all our crystal glasses can withstand temperatures from -25°C all the way up to +180°C. This means that you can place the dessert directly in the freezer. Once the dessert is eaten, you can put the glasses in your dishwasher. This way, you have plenty of time with your guests, and you don't have to worry about cleaning the following day.

We also offer a 10-year glass plague warranty on everything from Frederik Bagger. So no matter the type of glass you have from us, you can safely place it in the dishwasher and expect it will look like new.

Your next table setting: Pick more glasses from Frederik Bagger

At Frederik Bagger, we offer more crystal glasses other than Martini glasses. Thus, you can create a harmonious table setting with the same expression. You can find the following types of glasses:

  • Wine glasses
  • Whisky glasses
  • Champagne glass
  • Water glasses
  • Other cocktail glasses

With our water glasses, you add luxury to your everyday life. We have designed the ultimate glass, which we believe is the glass of the future. Nice, practical and colorful. With the many advantages of our crystal glasses, you can go from serving drinks at the table and simply placing them in the dishwasher when cleaning up.

For a festive evening, you can set the table with both water glasses and wine glasses in the same Frederik Bagger style. Then you can serve the dessert in a Martini glass or in our Crispy Lowball glass. After dinner, you can invite the guests over to the sofa corner and offer a cocktail in fine cocktail glasses. This way you get a complete and successful evening in style - without having to worry about the dishes.