Crystal schnapps glasses

Schnapps glasses belong on the table for big celebrations, where the ice-cold schnapps is enjoyed among good friends and family. The schnapps just tastes better if it is served in a nice schnapps glass like the one you can find at Frederik Bagger.

In addition to being incredibly decorative and beautiful to look at, our crystal shot glasses are also durable and dishwasher-safe. And if you're the type who doesn't use the shot glasses more than twice a year, you can use the shot glasses from Frederik Bagger to store spices or ginger shots.



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Beautiful crystal schnapps glasses

The very special thing about Frederik Bagger's shot glasses is that they are made of crystal without lead and are diamond cut. Aside from making the schnapps glasses incredibly beautiful, it contributes to their unique clarity and quality.

Our shot glasses are dishwasher-safe and can withstand temperatures ranging from -25 °C to 180 °C, so you don't have to waste washing them by hand.

The glasses are functional with an elegant shape, and you don't have to be afraid of glass plague, as we offer a 10-year guarantee against this.

Clever ways to use your shot glasses

I modsætning til mange andre små snapseglas, er vores krystal snapseglas uden fod. Det betyder, at du kan anvende glassene til meget andet end bare snaps til frokostbordet uden at være bange for, at glasset vælter. 

De små glas er ideelle til fx ingefærshots eller til at opbevare krydderier i. Kun din fantasi sætter grænser.

Med vores miljørigtige snapseglas i krystal kan du imponere dine gæster og pynte dit bord flot. Og er du på udkig efter andre glas i krystal for at fuldende din borddækning eller bare fordi du synes krystalglas er utrolig flotte, kan du se et udpluk af vores fine udvalg nedenfor.

Unlike many other small shot glasses, our crystal shot glasses are footless. This means that you can use the glasses for much more than just serving schnapps during big celebrations, without being afraid of the glass tipping over.

The small glasses are ideal for e.g. ginger shots or storing spices. Only your imagination sets limits.

With our environmentally friendly crystal shot glasses, you can impress your guests with a beautifully decorated table. And if you are looking for other crystal glasses to complete your table setting or just because you think crystal glasses are incredibly beautiful, you can see a selection of our other fine glasses below.


Widen your range with beautiful crystal glass

At Frederik Bagger, we have a large selection of beautiful crystal glasses in many varieties. For instance, our fine whiskey glasses in crystal, are suitable for every occasion and available in many beautiful colors. The whiskey glasses can be used for a nice glass of whiskey, cocktails, or water for the dinner table, or as a breakfast bowl for your yogurt.

If you are looking for beautiful mixed drinks glasses for festive occasions, make sure you don't miss our selection of crystal mixed drinks glasses in an incredible number of beautiful colors. Our cocktail glasses can be used for e.g. an Espresso Martini, Champagne, and the Sunday mimosa at brunch. 

Last but not least, you should also be introduced to our elegant crystal lowball glasses, which both work really well as water glasses and cocktail glasses due to the beautiful details. If you want a glass that can be used for everything, you should definitely go for a lowball glass from Frederik Bagger.

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