Flower water XL - set of 2
Flower water XL - set of 2
Flower water XL - set of 2
Flower water XL - set of 2
Flower water XL - set of 2
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Set of 2

Flower water XL - set of 2

€31,00 EUR

The Water XL glass is a large, cylindrical water glass with ample space for ice, whether for water, soda or juice. Its shape and capacity also make it ideal for beer. Featuring a beautiful floral decoration inspired by Nordic wild roses and stylized art-deco flowers, this large glass can even serve as a stylish storage item on a desk or vanity. It, too, can be stacked in the kitchen cabinet.


Decor By Mary, @mary.art.studio


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Style Flower water XL - set of 2 with

Classic and eco-friendly crystal glass for every occasion. Whether it's for serving yoghurt on the breakfast table, as a water glass for lunch, or as the luxurious cocktail glass for the party.

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