Champagne coupe

For New Year or other big festivities, you need champagne to celebrate the occasion. Why not top off the festive events with beautiful champagne glasses from Frederik Bagger? Commence the event in a stylish expression and for an atmospheric evening. Use champagne glasses for multiple purposes and festive occasions. Discover the different variants below.



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Elegant champagne glasses from Frederik Bagger

There are different types of champagne glasses. One of the most popular forms of champagne glass is a champagne coupe. A champagne coupe is typically used to enjoy a glass of champagne - just as the name indicates. The champagne coupe’s wide opening of the champagne exposes the bubbles to the air more quickly, making it easier to drink once poured for you and your guests. Aside from enjoying champagne, the glass can also be used for serving wine or desserts.

Our champagne glasses are available in different designs and colors. Champagne coupe glasses from Frederik Bagger are featured in the popular Crispy series made out of crystal, and the Shine series made out of stainless steel. You can get the champagne coupe in clear glass and other color stains such as:

  • Citrine/Amber
  • Sapphire/Blue
  • Emerald/Green
  • Copal/Brown
  • Dark/Smoked
  • Topaz/Pink

If you’re hosting a New Year’s dinner with a gold theme you can go with our champagne glass, Amber. You can also choose to mix the colors of the champagne coupe glasses for your table setting for an extra colorful New Year’s evening – beautifully matching the colors of the sky when the clock strikes midnight. Pour up the bubbles. Cheers!

Champagne coupe glasses for sparkling wine and other delicacies

Is there anything like the sound and look of wine bubbles fizzing? Perhaps if the sparkling beverage is served in elegant champagne coupes? You can serve Champagne, Cava, Asti, Lambrusco, and other sparkling wines you love.

Our champagne coupes can be used for much more than champagne. For example, as serving bowls to serve starters or desserts in.

Picture a dinner party starting with a classic shrimp cocktail and ending with delicate ice cream for dessert - all served in champagne coupe glasses from Frederik Bagger. There won’t be a dry eye among your guests during this great meal. We eat just as much with our eyes. The dinner will only be more inviting with an elegant serving. Top the dinner with a decorative table with beautiful vases and flowers.

Forget about hand-washing dishes with champagne coupes from Frederik Bagger

At Frederik Bagger, we strive to develop the perfect glass. Our focus is Functional Luxury, where we want to add luxury to your everyday life. And we have succeeded with our champagne coupes and our entire range of glasses.

Our products are durable and elegant at the same time. You get an aesthetic table setting and an easy clean-up. At Frederik Bagger, we believe that it should be easy to clean up after a special event or on a weekday evening.

Frederik Bagger glasses have a number of advantages, one being able to withstand high and low temperatures. This means that you place a glass directly in the freezer, so you can have an ice-cold glass of champagne if that's what you fancy. This also applies to our glasses from the Shine series made of stainless steel. Best of all, you can place the glasses in the dishwasher. This also applies to champagne glasses and other products we offer.

Our development of products is produced in Crystaline glass mass, which has a number of advantages. The primary one is that the glass can withstand high temperatures, making it dishwasher-safe. In addition, we offer a 10-year glass pest guarantee when you buy glass from Frederik Bagger. So you don't have to worry about glass plague either.

Complete the table setting with beautiful glasses

In our assortment, you can explore the many different types of glasses to add to your table setting. Pick a series of our glasses and create a uniform look. Choose among our:

You can set a nice table for your guests with wine glasses, water glasses, and a beautiful glass carafe. Following dinner, you take the guests over to the sofa corner by the bar cabinet to bring out the cocktail glasses. If you are more into minimalistic glasses, you can take a look at our mouth-blown glass. Have a complete evening with all your glasses from Frederik Bagger.