Large Gin Glasses

Is there anything better than pampering yourself after a long work week? You can do this with a cold refreshment. Why not pour yourself a Gin and Tonic in large gin glasses from Frederik Bagger? No matter what you prefer, you can serve your drink stylishly with crystal glasses from Frederik Bagger. Find large gin glasses in clear glass or stained glass on this page and get the best taste out of your gin.



Set of 2
Crispy Eightball Sapphire // Blue - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Eightball Emerald // Green - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Eightball - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Eightball Citrine // Amber - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Eightball Dark // Smoked - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Eightball Topaz // Pink - Set of 2

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Serve your gin in large, beautiful Gin Glasses

In recent years, gin has become extremely popular. This means that you have many different flavors of gin that you can explore. If you wish to serve a gin or a cold Gin and Tonic to your guests, we recommend that you do it in style. At Frederik Bagger, we have the perfect glass for gin. Choose our Crispy Eightball glasses, which are ideal as gin glasses as well as Gin and Tonic glasses. With a delicious drink in a presentable glass, your guests will be delighted. Add ice cubes, a slice of a cucumber, and tonic water for a delicious Gin and Tonic, and you have the perfect drink.

You can also use Crispy Eightball glasses as regular drinking glasses for other drinks or cocktails, or why not for a glass of nice whiskey? If you want to supplement with other types of glasses for drinks or other cold drinks, we recommend our other glasses from The Crispy Series:

  • Crispy Highball glas
  • Crispy Lowball glas

The Crispy series is one of the most popular series from Frederik Bagger, which features diamond-cut crystal glass. With a Crispy glass, you add exclusivity to both everyday life and a festive evening. You serve the drink or gin in style when you choose glasses from Frederik Bagger.


Find large gin glasses in stained glass

Whether you are into the minimalist style and clear glass or think there should be more color in your glasses, you can find something that fits your style here. Our large gin glasses are available in the following range of colors:

  • Sapphire/Blue
  • Emerald/Green
  • Copal/Brown
  • Dark/Smoked
  • Topaz/Pink
  • Citrine/Yellow

All our crystal glasses are available in the color stains mentioned above. A colorful glass will add even more life to your table setting, no matter if you go for a single color or by mixing them. Create a color theme for your next party and celebrate the upcoming birthdays with your favorite color of glass – adding a personal touch. You can also use your Frederik Bagger glasses for everyday use to add some more luxury to your everyday life. There are a number of advantages to our glass that you can enjoy and read more about in the following section.

Additional benefits with Frederik Bagger Glasses

Our crystal glass is produced without lead, which means that the glass is more sustainably produced. A great deal of glass production adds lead but this method ends up contaminating the groundwater. In addition, lead can have a harmful effect on the body if excessive amounts of lead are consumed. Frederik Bagger, therefore, works with a lead-free glass mass called Crystalline.

This type of glass is completely free of harmful additives and ensures that the glass still gets beautiful clarity. What's even better is that the glass can be exposed to low and high temperatures and thus put in the dishwasher.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about having to wash your large gin glasses or other crystal glasses from Frederik Bagger by hand. They can be washed in the dishwasher and look just like new. We also give you a 10-year glass plague warranty on all crystal glasses from Frederik Bagger. This way you can safely put the glasses in the dishwasher.

Explore more glasses from Frederik Bagger

Do you want to decorate the entire table setting with glass from Frederik Bagger? Then you can choose among different glasses such as:

In other words, you can set the table with glasses for all types of drinks such as wine, champagne, water, and beer. Serve water, rum, or cognac in our selection of beautiful carafes. Create pleasant moments with friends and family with Frederik Bagger glasses.