Crystal white wine glasses

Are you looking for the perfect white wine glass? A white wine glass that is both functional, high quality, and incredibly beautiful to look at? Then you've come to the right place because Frederik Bagger’s white wine glasses are something special. A glass of good white wine deserves the best white wine glasses, and with our glasses, you get something for every taste. 



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Crispy Madame - Set of 2 Crispy Madame - Set of 2
Set of 2
Adda White - Set of 2 Adda White - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Madame Emerald // Green - Set of 2
Set of 2
Flower wine - set of 2 Flower wine - set of 2
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Crispy Madame Limited Mix - Set of 6 Crispy Madame Limited Mix - Set of 6
Set of 2
Crispy Madame Sapphire // Blue - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy White - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Madame Topaz // Pink - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Madame Copal // Brown - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Madame Dark // Smoked - Set of 2
Set of 2
Crispy Madame Citrine // Amber - Set of 2

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Beautiful and colorful wine glasses

It looks super festive with colorful wine glasses and adds something different compared to clear glasses.

Are you looking for white wine glasses in a specific color - for example, green white wine glasses? At Frederik Bagger, you find white wine glasses in brown, blue, yellow, pink, black, and green. Therefore, you have the opportunity to combine different colors. Colorful glasses, plates, and bowls have become really modern in recent years, so if you want to join in on the trend, you should definitely invest in some sustainable Frederik Bagger white wine glasses in crystal.

Crystal white wine glasses

All our white wine glasses are produced in lead-free crystal, making them sustainable. The crystal gives the glasses a unique clarity and quality, and as a result, the glasses are incredibly beautiful and more exclusive than normal glasses. And as a bonus, the glasses withstand temperatures from -25°C to 180°C, so they can handle the dishwasher just fine. If you are happy with the completely simple, stylish crystal glasses with a round and soft design, then Frederik Bagger's white wine glasses are just the thing for you. 

Our Adda white wine glasses are hand-blown and well-crafted and are perfect for a cold glass of white wine. 

Crystal glasses for the entire meal

If you like wine, it's probably not just the white wine glasses you're looking for – and we don’t want you to miss our fabulous collection of red wine glasses. Our red wine glasses are also available in many shapes and colors and are perfect for both informal and formal events. 

If you are the type of person who also loves a good glass of quality port wine, you should also check out our selection of port wine glasses, which are super elegant and produced in crystal. 

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