Frederik Bagger bowls in crystal and porcelain

Explore our wide selection of large and small bowls in both crystal and porcelain. Our crystal bowls and porcelain bowls are available in the classic Frederik Bagger design: Crispy. The crystal bowls are also available with lids, making them perfect for storage.



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Small and large bowls in crystal and porcelain | Eco-friendly and dishwasher-safe bowls


All our bowls are environmentally friendly and can withstand temperatures between -25°C and +180°C. This means that you can place them in the dishwasher without worry.

Are you worried about glass plague as a result of the dishwasher? We offer a 10-year guarantee against glass plague, free of charge.

You will find our beautiful crystal and porcelain bowls in many beautiful colors, shapes, and designs. You are guaranteed to find a bowl for every taste and occasion — whether you want to use our large bowls for storage or snacks, or our small bowls for serving breakfast or soup.

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